A Sample Diet Plan That Will Aid Weight Loss:

 A Sample Diet Plan That Will Aid Weight Loss 

This basic eating regimen plan is low in calories however it is very filling so it will help in weight reduction and simultaneously routinely following an eating regimen like this will improve insulin affectability, lessen pressure and nervousness and furthermore diminish a considerable lot of the indications related with pcos. 


Morning, Sunrise, Woman, Silhouette

Some cinnamon water got by heating up a little Ceylon cinnamon stick in some water, Boil till the shade of the water changes tone and a decent smell floats. You can likewise utilize the powder as well. Have it with no sugar. 

Breakfast: Pancakes, Maple Syrup, Raspberries

Have a 2 or 3 flaxseed dosas alongside tomato chutney. You can utilize either customary idli player for making the dosas or other grain dosas like kambu dosa (which I would recommend) like I have appeared in the image. 

When you spread the dosa hitter, sprinkle a teaspoon of flax seed powder alongside a spot of squashed Himalayan salt and pepper powder on top. You can sprinkle cut onions as well. 

Utilize crude sesame oil for making the dosa. Serve it with tomato garlic chutney. This morning meal is very filling and will hold you over till lunch. On the off chance that you are not fulfilled, you can likewise have one bubbled country egg as well. 


For lunch, have a cup of hand beat rice alongside dal. Drench the hand beat rice and dal the earlier day itself which will make cooking simpler. Incorporate a cup of vegetable pan fried food or porial as well. Additionally have some spread milk spiced with curry leaves, cumin seeds and salt. 

Evening Snack: 

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For evening nibble have some organic product salad by blending arranged cut organic products in with smidgen of lemon juice and new mint leaves. 


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For supper have 2 to 3 dry rotis made utilizing entire wheat flour and in the event that you are sensitive to roti have ragi roti along grew green gram dal sauce. You can likewise include a cup of vegetable pan fried food as well. 

Prior to Bed: 

Prior to bed, have some warm chamomile tea with no extra sugars. It will lessen pressure and will assist you with loosening up and get a decent evenings rest.

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